Frequently Asked Question

‹1›How to use our exchanger?

First, select the currency you want to send, then select the currency you want to receive and press exchange in the middle, then site will open exchange page for you.

‹2›How long should I wait for after I paid?

If you exchange PM to BTC(LTC BCH), We will pay you BTC(LTC BCH) instant, no pending time. If you exchange BTC(LTC BCH) to PM, we will pay you PM after 1 confirmation of Virtual Currency.

‹3›I paid BTC to long time, but i didn't receive PM in my wallet untill now, Why?

Like last question, Our site will pay you after the Virtual Currency got one confirmation, It will spend 5-30 minutes for BTC, but LTC BCH are more faster, Get more infomation here, Also you can conctact support to get more help.

‹4›Can i use your API and link my site to and receive funds?

Why not? You take the risks of the recipients, and illegal business is not allowed.

‹5›What are the commission fees?

The commission fees are already included into exchange. commission fee of PM to BTC is 12% + 0.00002BTC (transfer fee to anti tiny balance exchange), other exchange we take 10%, but BTC to PM we take 2% of commission fee only.

‹6›What is the minimum/maximum amount of exchange?

The minimum amount of exchange is 5 USD/EUR, the maximum amount of exchange is 1000 USD/EUR.